Can I Ask That? – Part Three

In this series, we are answering some of your most in-depth questions about God, faith, and being a Christian.

This week we are looking at the question: Why is it hard to trust God?

Here’s a reality that can be a little scary: often in life, God asks us to trust him, to follow what he asks us to do, even though we can’t see him. God might ask us to do things like forgive someone or make a new friend or volunteer with something at church. It can be scary because it never seems to ask us to do things that are inside our comfort zone.

As flawed humans, we are tempted to make excuses or try to find a way out. But God promises us that if we are called to step out in faith, we will not have to do it alone. God promises to be with us through every trial and challenge.

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you fear most about trusting God? Maybe it’s looking foolish or being wrong or stepping outside of your comfort zone?
  2. How does it feel to know that God promises to be with you? Does it make trusting him easier? Does it make excuses harder?
  3. Where is God asking you to trust Him right now, and how can you respond faithfully?
  4. Take a moment to imagine how God could use your trust to help the people around you. What could God use you for?


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