Can I Ask That – Part Two

You’re lying in bed in the middle of the night thinking about your problems. After worrying and fretting, you decide it might be time to pray about it. You start to pray silently and then out loud.

But it feels like you are just throwing words at the ceiling and feeling them bounce back at you. It seems like no one is listening. It seems like no one cares.

And no matter how many nights you spend like this, throwing words at the ceiling, it seems like nothing is changing.

This week we will ask tough questions about prayer. Specifically, what happens when I pray?

Discussions Questions

  • Think about the time you spent in prayer. What is it like? what makes it different from other conversations you have with people?
  • Have you ever had a prayer answered in a way you were not expecting? What was that like? 
  • Usually, we come to God with an agenda, a list of things we want him to do. What would it be like if instead, we came to God with an open heart asking what we can do?
  • How is God calling you to change your prayer habits?

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