Lenses – Part Three

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. -Isaiah 55:8

We are in our third week of this series we are calling Lenses. Together, we are looking at Jesus’ life to see what type of lens He wore.

If you and I examine our lives, we don’t have to search long before we realize that some things are just leaving us empty. The framework in which we see the world is often foggy and faulty, and we need an alternative. We all want to live our best lives and not live it alone. So today, we are going to be talking about loneliness.

In a room full of people, almost all of us have felt alone. This is such a common emotion to feel, and the technology we use to stay connected actually tends to feed our feeling of loneliness.

Here’s the lie we’ve bought into: Im more connected when Im plugged in.

Loneliness has been a problem forever. But now that the norm for communication has shifted from face-to-face interaction to a broader and seemingly safer platform. We are making connections but not building real relationships. This week, we will look at how Jesus built relationships and learn how to see the world through his eyes.

Discussion Questions

  • How often do you feel lonely? What are the common factors that contribute to your loneliness?
  • Do you feel pressured to constantly “be connected” with your phone? How does that impact your relationships and mental health?
  • What does it look like to be selfish in a relationship especially regarding social media? What does it look like to be selfless in a relationship?
  • What stood out to you about Jesus’ dinner with His disciples?
  • So practically, how can you take up Jesus’ command this week to serve others? What step do you need to take to step out of the “selfie-centered lens” and into the “selflessness lens”?

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