Known – Part One

Can you believe it? Summer is almost here! With that in mind, our final series of this school-year is aimed at helping each of us keep our identity centered on Christ, especially when we won’t have the support of our weekly youth gatherings.

We have a big word for this idea that God knows everything. It is the word “omniscient” (all-knowing). It means that God knows everything about everything and everyone at every point in history. There has never been a thing that God hasn’t known.

For some people, this is scary. They can’t imagine that God has seen all of the bad things they’ve done, but it should be something we think about. Before we do something that we know we shouldn’t, we should remember that God is watching and caring about us.

Discussion Questions

  1. If you could ask God anything about your life, what would you ask him?
  2. Does that fact that God knows everything you’ve ever done make you more happy or more worried?
  3. Do you think our bad choices define who we are?
  4. What do you think gives us our identity?

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