Break Point

Small Group Activity – Stress Test This is a simple opening activity to get the group talking about stress. The directions are easy:

  •  Everyone should take a handout to write on.
  • On each piece of paper, everyone should write about 3-5 situations that stress them out.
  • Gather the papers and pick them one by one. As a paper is selected, the stressor should be read aloud. Then everyone in the group should vote, by a show of hands, if they find that situation stressful in their personal viewpoint or not.
  • Discuss after each vote:
    • Why do some people find this situation stressful, while others do not?
    • Why doesn’t this issue bother some people? (Get opinions and discuss) Continue for as long as you want or until the cards are done.

Return the papers for final discussion. 

Final Discussion Questions (Review at the end of the activity):

  • What situations seemed to stress out the most people? Why?
  • What situations were most unique and why?
  • What seems to be the key reason why some things stress some people out but not others? (A lot of what has to do with stress management is based on the answer to this challenging question)

Return to the main gathering area to complete your stress management plan with parents.  If a student’s parent is not around, please complete this with a small group leader. 

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