Can I Ask That – Part One

We’re back this week with the first of a two-part series based off of your questions!

We’ve split your questions into two main categories, the first of which we will address in under the title “What is Faith?”  It seems a little crazy that we can go through the motions of being a Christian for so long and still have so many questions about what seems like such a simple topic.

It makes you wonder, either one of two things has happened.  Either we never understood it in the first place, OR we’ve let thing become too complicated and messy so that our understanding has become confused and cluttered by other things.

For example, imagine your best friend asks you to return a hoddie you borrowed over a year ago.  You go home to search your messy room but you can’t seem to find it.  Now you begin to doubt you ever borrowed the hoodie in the first place when really the best thing to do is just to clean your room.

Our hearts are like a messy bedroom sometimes, and we just can’t seem to find what we need. If we don’t clear the clutter, then we’ll forget what we need to remember, and this week we are going to remember what we need to forget in order to follow Jesus.

For a preview of the questions, we will cover take a look at the video below, and we’ll see you Wednesday!



Discussion Questions:

  1. Has your perspective of Christianity changed after having these misconceptions set out in the open? If so, how? If not, why not?
  2. What are some other misconceptions that you think people have about Christianity?
  3. Where would you like to experience “more” or “better” life because of Jesus this week?

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