The Source – Part Two ‘Transforming’

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses… – Acts 1:8

Last week we kicked off our series on the Holy Spirit, which is challenging because the Holy Spirit is surrounded by a lot of mystery. When we take into consideration our theme verse, we know the Spirit comes to us first to empower as God’s witness here on earth.

Jesus sent the Spirit to the disciples in scripture and send the Spirit to us today to prompt us, guide us, and encourage us to act like Christ in our everyday lives.  When we are plugged into the Spirit, we are able to shine in the darkness and reveal God’s grace to those around us.  We are able to preach the gospel at all times without having to use our words.

This week, we are going to look at another role of the Holy Spirit because as the Spirit empowers us to be witnesses, we are also transformed! 

The Holy Spirit reveals to us things we didn’t know before about God, about ourselves, and about others. As we follow the prompting of the Spirit our heart’s are changed and made more like Jesus!

God does not need us to accomplish the work of Christ here on earth, but the Holy Spirit is sent to work through us and in us because God chooses to work this way. God also does not just redeem us and leave our hearts and minds the way they are. God sents us the gift of the Spirit which produces fruit in us to make us new and whole and glorious.

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you think most people feel about the idea of ‘transformation’ through the Holy Spirit? How you feel about the idea of ‘transformation’ through the Holy Spirit?
  • Take a moment to be quiet and still with the Holy Spirit (either now or during the week).  After some time in prayer, see if you can identify where in your heart you feel the most unsettled and need the transformation of the Holy Spirit.
    • Are you anxious about schoolwork?
    • Are you envious of the popularity of others?
    • Are you insecure how you measure up to your peers?
    • Are you uncertain about your future?
  • Take turns to share as much as you feel safe to do so, and choose one word or “fruit of the Spirit” to request from God such as “peace” or “clarity” or “confidence.” Conclude your time together praying to the Holy Spirit on behalf of each other for the thing you need and ask for transformation.

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