Squad Goals – Week Two

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15:13

Last week we covered your squad – how great squads, great groups of friends, are created by sacrifice, loyalty, and love for each other.

Cathy Kendra

For those of you who couldn’t make it, my squad decided to drive 7 hours from Raleigh, NC just to surprise all of us! Their names are Cathy and Kendra, and when they heard I was going to talk about how they are my “squad,” they decided to do what squads do best, the showed up and supported me.

As it turns out, last Wednesday, August 15th was the thirteenth anniversary of the death of a member of our squad, her name was Alyssa. Some of you know that a member of my youth group died in a car accident when I was going into high school.  She was in our small group and my experience with God and the church in the years following her death is the reason I wanted to go into ministry.

If you want to make a good group of friends a great group of friends – take the squad goals challenge from last week and make sure Acceptance, Trust, Dedication and Honest are in your life as well.

This week, we are going to continue to talk about our Squad Goals, and look at the adults who are in your life to support you as well! We will look at the role of a Shepherd or Small Group Leader (SGL) and Rev. John will be with us too!

Learning Goal: Identifying the adults who are important parts of your personal squad.
Discussion questions:
  • Why is it important to have supportive adults in your life?
  • What makes an adult a member of your squad?
  • Name five adults (outside of your parents) who you can trust to be there for you. Why these adults?
  • Are you reaching out to your Squad (and Squad Leaders)?

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